What is a “Soul Friend”?

          A true Soul Friend, or an Anam Cara, is one with whom we feel nakedly ourselves, even when we don’t seem to know who that is.  With our Soul Friend, we are seen fully for who we are, and more importantly, for who and what we might become as we grow more and more deeply aligned with the Real, the True, the Good, the Beautiful.

          Some of us long for safe harbor to explore the deepest questions of our lives, questions about God, Spirit, Ultimate Reality, meaning and purpose and calling. It is not therapy we are after, but something with a larger context. It isn’t that we need to be fixed, but rather heard, held in a sacred space of unconditional love and trusted to find our own deepest connections with Spirit. It is not so much that we think anyone has the ultimate answers – and that is what makes seeking spiritual guidance through the usual, mainstream churches so difficult for some, especially the spiritual but not religious among us – it is more that we need a place where we can become truly quiet, listening for the still, small, voice of our own deep knowing;  where someone will help us notice the movement of the Spirit within our ordinary lives and listen with us for the wisdom and guidance available from within our own deep heart.

          In some ways, a Soul Friend or Spiritual Guide listens us into our own hearts.  We seek a soul-friend from whom we might receive a word, or a gentle sweep of a hand suggesting a place to look, or a practice or a prayer, to guide us on this, our most important journey. It is a journey that only we can take, and yet, to take the journey alone is not necessary and can even be counter-productive or dangerous. We can waste years wandering in the desert if we set out to cross it without a compass. Walking with someone else, someone who has some knowledge of and experience with how to find one’s way, most especially when the path seems long and dark, is a precious gift that we offer our tender souls, our seeking hearts.

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