Happy New Year, Happy New Blog!

Universal Heart
Universal Heart

I have spent the last two days – literally not sleeping last night – preparing this new website/blog so that it would be ready for the dawn of 2012.  This has been no small feat, since I knew absolutely nothing about how to do it as of 10 AM yesterday!  But I feel so very blessed to do the work I do – companioning people of any faith tradition or none on the most important journey of their lives – that I feel called, no, pushed, to try to extend my heart and my reach to walk with more people in 2012. Since I meet with people not only in person but also via phone and Skype, it doesn’t matter how far apart two hearts appear to be – in the One heart, the universal heart, there is no separation, and geographical distance is just a technicality to attend to in setting up appointments – like remembering that it’s not just a different time in Australia, it’s a different day!!

So my friends,  if you like what you find here, I hope that you will share it with anyone – anywhere –  that you think might find having a true Anam Cara, a Soul Friend, useful as we all continue to navigate these uncertain and often challenging times. I wish one and all a very happy, healthy, joyful and peaceful 2012, with a zillion reasons for deep and soul-full gratitude!

Much love,

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  1. What a treat to find this here – thanks so much Irene! I can see your smiling face and feel your kind and gentle heart as I read your post. Sweet. Wishing you a wonderful, abundantly healthy and happy 2012!

  2. Dearest Janet,
    This is a wonderful way to share the love in your heart. When I see your work it expands my heart. Keep me in your blog and in your heart. I will keep you in my prayers and heart. I looked at all the columns and each one was touching.
    The death of your mom also brought me back to the days of my parents passing. It is strange to not have them with you when they were always a part of your life. Yet you know their energy is still present.
    Have a Great and Blessed New Year and let the star of Christmas and the Three Kings guide you and all of us.

  3. Janet: Growth thru risk taking (emerging into blog based world)–great inspiration to us all as we shift to 2012. Blessings be. Val

  4. Hi Janet,

    Congratulations on your new website. It is beautifulHope all is well with you and that you have a healthy, happy new year. Continue your beautiful work – bringing hope, caring, and healing to all who are fortunate to participate in your work

  5. Oh my, already my efforts bring back to me an abundance of beautiful blessings – thank you all so much for your loving words – they inspire me!
    Much love to all!

  6. Dear Janet, this is beautiful!
    Congratulations on setting this up to step into the new year.
    My heart smiles remembering the sweet times of Claritas.
    May new year blessings flow your way!

    Anna Yang

  7. Dear, dear Janet,
    Good work!! You are such a loving and valuable part of our Universe. If we just had thousands more just like you!

    The happiest of 2012 to you. This is going to be a very special year.

    God Bless,

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