Every Breath is a Path to the One

physicians of the heartEvery breath is a path to Allah,
Each life an open door, beloved.
Every breath is a path to Allah,
Each life an open door Hayy! Hayy!

Every soul says yes to the Truth
ilallah-hu, Ya hu
Allah alone, beloved.

I awoke this morning with this chant breathing through me, my first awareness in the new year – what a blessing!  It’s one that we sing in our Jerrahi Zikr circle of the remembrance of God, the only Reality, called Allah by some.  Many of the world’s religions have litanies/lists of the beautiful names of God and/or the saints to recite, and so do the Sufis. Each name is a symbol, really, for an attribute of the Divine. One of the most beautiful names of God is chanted as Ya Hayy (pronounced high), which translates simply as Oh Life.  Here is a fuller explication from an exquisite new book by a group of Sufi teachers called Physicians of the Heart:

Al-Hayy is the perfection of everlasting life, and the only one who truly lives.  It is the one source of all life and the very life of everything that lives.  It is the life principle that never dies, and it is inside every being. This divine Name is also the living presence of everything, whether it is dead, alive, animate, inanimate, material, spiritual, or anything in-between…

Al-Hayy is filled with vitality; it is the inner life of the heart.  Repetition of Ya Hayy arouses a kind of life energy and freedom that is an antidote to the deadened condition of the heart that is often the result of grief and sorrow.

Ilallah-hu means only One Reality, One Essence…

So here we are, entering 2012, aware of how many millions of people begin this year with heavy, deadened hearts, full of grief, sorrow, worry.  Yet others enter with hope and optimism, believing 2012 it is bringing a profound and essential transformation.  I can’t think of a better way to begin this new year than by using my breath in the chanting such beautiful words – Ya Hayy!! Oh Life!!

Wishing abundant life and radiantly alive hearts to each and all.

3 Replies to “Every Breath is a Path to the One”

  1. It makes me feel from my heart when breaths are the path to One. Then in the last physical breath you are with the One and become part of the One.

  2. I think “mastered wordpress” is pushing it, dearest, but I appreciate your kind words, and definitely accept the blessing with love and gratitude for you! Yes,yes, to Life, Ya Hayy, L’Chaim!!

  3. Starting the new year with a message from an Anam Cara, who has mastered wordpress, is a portend of a good year ahead. May it be a time of continually loving unfolding for you, and us, and all.

    Ya Hayy.

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