About Me

Janet F. Quinn, PhD, RN

So happy to meet you!

     For starters, you should know that I am flat out in love with the inner life, or the life of the soul, and with the Sophia Perennis (the Perennial Wisdom) – the universal truths we find burning in the center of the heart of all the world’s spiritual traditions, illuminating the paths of seekers everywhere and throughout time.

     My deepest commitment is to be a friend to the soul… to any soul, to all souls that are seeking truth, goodness, beauty, love and harmony, by means of whatever path. This is what makes my work InterSpiritual, a term coined by Brother Wayne Teasdale to reflect the idea of sharing our experience of Ultimate Reality across spiritual paths or traditions.

     I am a friend of the Soul, a trained Spiritual Director/Mentor/Guide with an Interspiritual perspective and roots in Roman Catholicism.  I have been a practitioner of Centering Prayer, a contemplative prayer form, for over 25 years, in addition to many other forms of meditative and spiritual practice. I am also a mureed in the Sufi Order International and a happy dervish in the circle of the Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Order. I companion people from all faith traditions, or none, who seek a deeper connection with the Divine, Source, Ultimate Reality, the perfection of love, harmony and beauty – the One by any name or the unnameable – residing in the very core of our own being and manifesting through all creationModern technology (think phones and Skype!) allows me to work outside of the box – with people anywhere in the world, and this has been a great delight!  In the inner cave of the open, listening heart, there is no separation, and physical location is just a technicality that requires us each to keep our time zones straight! This knowing has grown more and more real to me as I have worked with people at a distance for many years. It is amazing how much love can grow between two hearts/souls who have never sat face to face!

About my names:  Most people know me as Janet F. Quinn, PhD, RN, FAAN, but that is only part of my identity. You can find out more about me/her at my janetquinn.com website. However, I have another name, a name that until now has been more private, and used almost exclusively in the company of my Sufi brothers and sisters. Now it seems not only fitting, but essential, that I bring all of who I am to you as you consider whether or not I might become your Anam Cara, your soul friend, or your spiritual guide/director/mentor, whichever language you are most comfortable with.  Those who formally undertake a Sufi path of study and practice are often given new names to symbolize a new beginning, an opening or deepening on the spiritual journey. As you can see from my description above, I have the great blessing of belonging to two great lineages of Sufis. When I undertook these paths, it was not instead of my contemplative Christian path, but in addition to it – really what InterSpirituality is all about. And so I also have two other names, given to me by beloved Sufi guides. Nuria (the divine light by which all is seen), given to me by my beloved Murshida Taj Inayat, and Ashki (divine love), given to me by my beloved Shaykha Fariha al Jerrahi, together comprise  my full Sufi name, offering me a resplendent image of what I might become with the help of the One and in the fullness of time.

I still answer to Janet, of course, and also to Nuria Ashki (pronounced Noor-ia  Ahhsh-key), or just Nuria, whichever you prefer!  I hope I have illuminated rather than thoroughly confused you!

To contact me, click here.

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